I am pleased to announce the launch of our new client portal & website design!

We have been working hard at improving the Client Portal.
You can now perform all of the following tasks in one location.
  • Login into cPanel
  • Access Email Settings
  • Create Email Accounts
  • Open File Manager to access your website files.
  • Full Domain Name Management.
  • The list goes on-and-on, login to see all the new features.

We have also made significant changes to our LogicInternet.Com Website.

Additionslly, you may also notice we have made major changes to our logo. This logo will be used from this point forward. You will see it branded through- out our documentation.

I want to "Thank" everyone for your patience as we pushed out these changes. As always, we are working hard to keep our network operating at optimal performance, and ensuring the servers are up-to-date and using the highest of security measures. As many of you know, server management on occasion requires minor interruptions. You can be assured, all services related to clients websites were uninturrupted. The only website afftected was LogicInternetOnly the LogicInternet.Com website was effected. 

With these new updates I want to encourage all our customers to become familiar with and use our new ticket system. With the new support ticket system we are able to better serve everyone. Increased response times including tools and access to information with quick solutions, and FAQ's.

As always, feel free to contact us at support@logicinternet.com if you need any help.

LogicInternet.Com - Team

Monday, September 4, 2017

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